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From Script to Screen, Sikes Media Illuminates Triangle Electric and EV Solutions' Brand Story

Sikes Media is a leading marketing agency that specializes in creating custom video content for businesses. Recently, Sikes Media had the opportunity to work with Triangle Electric and EV Solutions Company, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions.

Video Created By Sikes Media

The project involved creating a company overview video that showcased Triangle Electric and EV Solutions Company's history, products, and services. The video was designed to tell the company's story in a compelling and engaging way, while also highlighting its unique value proposition in the EV charging space.

To begin the project, Sikes Media worked closely with Triangle Electric and EV Solutions Company to develop a script and storyboard that captured the essence of the brand and its mission. The script focused on the company's core values, such as innovation, quality, and customer service, and highlighted the benefits of its products and services.

Once the script was finalized, the Sikes Media team began the filming process. The video was shot on location at a Triangle Electric and EV Solutions customer's home where the company's products and services were being used.

To capture the essence of the brand, Sikes Media used a combination of live-action footage and voiceover audio. The live-action footage showcased the company's products and services in action.

The final video was edited and polished by the Sikes Media team, with the addition of sound effects, music, and voiceover narration to enhance the overall quality and impact of the video.

The company overview video produced by Sikes Media for Triangle Electric and EV Solutions was a great success, showcasing the company's unique value proposition and establishing its brand identity in the competitive EV charging space.

Overall, Sikes Media's collaboration with Triangle Electric and EV Solutions Company was a great example of how custom video content can be a powerful tool for businesses to tell their brand story and drive awareness in today's digital age.


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