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"The Marketing Genius Behind Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's Wrexham AFC Purchase"

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's Wrexham AFC Purchase

Written by Tommy Sikes of Sikes Media Marketing Agency

In the world of marketing, there are few success stories as inspiring as that of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's purchase of Wrexham AFC. When the Hollywood stars decided to invest $2.5 million in the world's third-oldest football club, many were skeptical. After all, Wrexham was a small, struggling team in the English football pyramid. But Reynolds and McElhenney had a different vision in mind.

Their purchase of Wrexham AFC was not just about investing in a football club. It was about creative storytelling, genius marketing tactics, and a passion for the game. They knew that the potential benefits of American investment in English football were significant, including global reach and increasing media rights. But they also knew that they could do something unique and exciting with Wrexham.

The duo met with over 2,000 fans on Zoom in 2020 to invest in the club's players and facilities and sign a 25-year stadium lease in Wrexham. This reassured fans that they wouldn't move the team, and it set the stage for what would become one of the most innovative marketing campaigns in recent history.

Reynolds and McElhenney's real play was a "Netflix-style" docu-series called "Welcome to Wrexham." The series tracked their purchase, investment, and the team's journey back to prominence. The first season was a massive success on and off the pitch, with a 97% audience score, leading to a green light for a second season. Wrexham's social media accounts exploded, and they signed top sponsorship deals with several companies, including TikTok, Expedia, Vistaprint, and Aviation American Gin.

The results speak for themselves. The number of fans buying season tickets has almost tripled, and Wrexham has turned this increased attention into tangible revenue. They now have a global reach that they could never achieve before. And most importantly, they've been promoted back to the EFL for the first time in 15 years.

This strategy has benefited not only Reynolds and McElhenney but also the Wrexham AFC fans. The Wrexham story is remarkable, with a purchase for $2.5 million, production of a docu-series on FX, the addition of over 1 million social media followers, tripled season ticket purchases, and signed sponsorships with major companies.

At Sikes Media, we believe that this is a perfect example of taking a local sports asset and using strategic marketing and creative media to make it global. Reynolds and McElhenney's purchase of Wrexham AFC shows what can happen when you combine creativity, passion, and genius marketing tactics. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, we can help you do the same. Our team has had the privilege of working across multiple industries from the medical and dental field to executive search, insurance, e-commerce, technology, investment banking, and hospitality. We understand how to pull compelling messages and visuals together to attract new customers and influence their decisions using a clear voice that is specific to who you are.


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