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"Sikes Media Helps LiveWELL Increase Gym Memberships"

When we begin working with a new client, the first step we take is listen. Listen? Yes listen. We listen to what challenges the business or brand is facing so that we can ensure our team hits a home run with our marketing strategy to overcome the task at hand. Whatever a business goals are, we assemble the most effective group of people to meet them.

Task at Hand: How to drive new gym memberships for a high-end gym.

Business background

  • LiveWELL has a niche in the fitness marketplace because memberships costs are at a higher price point because of the one on one attention members receive from the trainers to ensure proper technique and support to reach their fitness goals and good health .

What did we do?

  • The niche marketplace required us to focus our time and energy on people with the highest probability in yielding new memberships. In other words, we took the dart approach with our marketing efforts and broke-down potential clients into psycho graphics and demographics based on lifestyle, social status, income, marital status etc.

  • We targeted people with jobs of higher and intermediate managerial, administrative, and professional employment (bankers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, creative and media professionals, segmented into categories A and B.

  • Next we outlined social media topics and blog posts to target these groups.

  • Now that we understood the content marketing topics, we developed a strategy to where we should publish the content to receive the most return on investment for the boosted digital content.

    • For example: Facebook is still primarily female driven, while YouTube is the better platform to target males and LinkedIn recently updated their ad platform and is a great resource to target big local employers to add gym memberships as an added benefit to team members.

    • Based on our targeted segmentation, we also decided to drive corporate memberships to close proximity high-end employers with geo targeted digital strategies. This approach was like fishing with dynamite with potential multiple membership signups.

We developed LiveWELL full-service marketing campaigns

Each campaign included:

  • PRINT: Campaign Door Clings and Enter to Win Signage at Gym- Keeps things fresh for members. Provide three things for members to focus on each month.

  • LAUNCH: Introduction to the campaign including the campaign offer, quotes, and focuses this month. -Campaign Launch Email Blast, Blog Post, Social Post

  • BRANDING: What is LiveWELL all about? Why join? Culture of LiveWELL. - Social posts, Email Blasts

  • VIDEO: Workout Moves of the Week Video and Tips to Improve Fitness Video- Social, Blog, and YouTube

  • ACTIVATION: A post not trying to sell, rather provide value, in order to help reach people's goals. This approach will set us apart from our competition who do nothing but promote. -Campaign Offer Social Posts

  • FEATURE: Highlight a member who works hard to reach their goals will inspire the rest of the members to maintain their efforts and work toward their goals. -Email Blast, Blog Post, Social Post

  • COMMUNITY: Once a quarter pick a local charity to partner with to provide value and fundraising assistance. Pay What You Want for a Saturday Class- all proceeds go to the charity. Pick a charity associated with the month's nationwide day or month observations: Example: National Military Appreciation Month- Hope for Heroes Charity. Are any members involved with local charities?

  • POST CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS: feedback from members (current and new), staff feedback of what they learned from members, Staff Meeting: what did we do well and how can we improve?


LiveWELL has a great brand. They knew they did before Sikes Media came along to help, but they didn't know how to effectively educate the community they serve to share what they are all about and how separate themselves from other local gyms.

The impact of developing a marketing road map to organize their strategy showed benefits on many levels. Having messaging and creative attracted new clients and retained current members to be more involved. Our team at Sikes Media handled all of LiveWELL's marketing, advertising, and promotional needs across all digital platforms and increased gym memberships by 22% and further educated the Lexington community what LiveWELL believes in and stands for.

Does your business need full-service marketing support? With a staff of experts in various disciplines, a full service marketing agency like Sikes Media can offer you comprehensive strategies and efficient solutions as an integrated part of your team.


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